Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a New Day!

I've been MIA for several weeks; healing from mastectomy, healing from the death of my dad, healing from the news that my middle daughter Jenni has cervical cancer. Jenni is Delt's mom. Delt was born on Christmas Day. I posted his newborn picture several weeks ago. Here he is at 3 months. :)
Jenni and Delt are living with my oldest daughter Lauri and her family in Texas. Delt has a 17 year old brother (Jenni's first son and my first grandson) Cameron who lives in Indiana.
That's it for tonight; I'm going to try and post more cards and scrapbook projects soon. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awesome Package from DSS Vicky Gould

My first 2008 DSS Big Sis revealed her identify with this awesome package. I cannot thank Vicky enough for her friendship, thoughts, and prayers. I look forward to a continued friendship and getting to know Vicky. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Listen Honey Everyday is a Bonus!

A few weeks ago susiestampr from SCS sent a TOY (Thinking Of You) package to me in which she enclosed a cute card stamped with an American Art stamp (but, I didn't know it was an AA stamp at the time). So, I PM'd Susie, asked her the name of the stamp. I had seen it at Hobby Lobby and was going to send my DH to HL to get it for me, but I knew he would need a visual and name of the stamp. Susie not only PM'd me, she called me and gave me the deets on the stamp and we had a wonderful conversation.

I felt up to going to HL so DH took me, but they didn't have that stamp (the stamp with the sentiment Listen Honey Everyday is a Bonus). But, HL did have about 5 other stamps by the American Art designer Emerson, and they were all marked down to clearance price. But, alas, no Listen Honey stamp. SO, I ordered it and 5 others from the American Art site and they were delivered on Thursday.

Ya' know when you see a stamp and you tell yourself you just gotta have it! That's what it was when I saw Susie's notecard! The quest began! That one little ole notecard became an obsession to me! Thanks so very much Susie for starting me on my quest!

Here's a picture of my collection so far!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Creations


This is a card from my DDSS Big Sis. All I know about her is that she lives in Hawaii with her DH and son. I'm really enjoying getting to know her. We've become quite the enablers of stampin' products by sharing internet sites to purchase from!

Still home recovering

I'm still home recovering from the surgery I had on February 5. I've done a little stampin' and scrappin' and of course, visiting splitcoaststampers! I've even done a couple challenges for the first time. I'm also part of the 2008 scrapbook challenge and the 2008 Christmas card challenge. Have done pretty well with the scrapbook challenge but not so well with the Christmas card challenge. Note to self: make some Christmas cards this week!

I'm also part of the secret sister forums, one is for Stampin Up demonstrators called Dabblin Demo Secret Sisters, DDSS for short; and, the other is for all stampin' lovers called Divine Secret Siblings, DSS for short.

And, (like how I start every sentence with And!) I'm part of a thinking of you monthly swap hosted by chachakate on SCS. Love getting to know all the girlies in that swap.

I'm going to upload some projects I've done the past few weeks while I've been recovering from surgery. Since I'm always on the fringe of discovery, my physical therapist said stamping would be good therapy to keep my arm from getting lymphedema. Great discovery don't ya' think! :)

We all know that stampin is fun and fun is good! Uploads coming soon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

And, from my DDSS

Here's a package I received today from my DDSS on SCS.

From my Divine Secret Sister

Here is a recent card from my DSS on SCS.

One Day at A Time

The biopsy diagnosis is a recurrence of breast cancer. Had surgery (mastectomy) on Tuesday, February 5; home today to recover. Still more to come but not sure what yet regarding another surgery on the other breast. Will only concentrate on healing of the right surgery area for now.

It is always...One day at a time. :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Another surgery

As a breast cancer survivor, it's always in the back of my mind that it can return. Since I was diagnosed in 1996, I went through a couple surgeries to remove the tumor and lymphnodes; chemo and radiation. But, I've discovered that my body just loves to create lumps and abnormalities! I've had a surgical biopsy each year since 1996 and each year the results are benign. I just had my "annual" surgery on Friday, January 4. Three inch incision to remove the "abnormality" and I'm now at home resting and getting ready to return to work tomorrow. Also waiting for the pathology report which will come later this week. So, while at home resting, I've taken some time to play in my craft room.

SCstamper, notimetostamp was the inspiration for the 3 cuttled birthday cards. I just love that green bug and then teaming with the Scor-Pal...what's not to love!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Arrival on Christmas Day

My daughter gave birth on Christmas Day to her son, Delt. Delt weighed 5 pounds 5 ounces and is just prefect (and, arrived a bit early; he wasn't expected until the end of January!)