Sunday, November 26, 2006

picture of my front yard on canvas

I was playing with some canvas paper one evening and thought I'd try printing a picture on it. I really like the result. It's a fall picture of my front yard.

On The Fringe....

It seems I'm always "on the fringe" of something! Example: Most things I do are a "little rough around the edges." I'm always "on the fringe" of making it better; "it" being all things in my life. Perfection is not an option when you're always on the fringe. But, discovering new frontier and believing in oneself is the way of life for a person on the fringe. What a boring world it would be if we all strived for perfection rather than striving for doing the best we can do. And, I will settle for no less than doing the best I can do. I'm on the fringe of discovering the creative side of me through paper crafting. I love this hobby! Actually, I love all the things that go with this hobby....paper, tools, embellishments, inks, chalks, pencils, crops, clubs, classes, workshops, conventions, shows. Oh my, so much to love!